DocumentaryLesbian Factory

Lesbian Factory is a love story as well as a document of a social movement. It portrays a group of foreign migrant workers far from home, courageously resisting an unjust social system in a strange country. At the same time it faithfully records the trust and emotional bonds between people during times of greatest difficulty. Lesbian Factory presents the stories of seven lesbian couples against an atypical setting, covering labor disputes, reflecting on the migrant worker system, examining the discriminatory treatment of migrant workers, and showing love without bounds.

The story begins in late 2004, when the owner of a computer component manufacturer based in northern Taiwan, Fast-fame Technology, emptied the company’s accounts and absconded to China. This development put the plant’s over 300 employees, 125 of them female migrant workers from the Philippines, in jeopardy of losing their jobs from the factory closure. Despondent at that prospect and owed three months’ wages, they turned to the Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) for help. Thereupon TIWA began organizing the workers in group protests, recording the events as they unfolded. However, as the documentary project went on the focus turned toward the close bonds, mutual reliance, and warm feelings among various homosexual couples, resulting unexpectedly in the making of a love story.

The Lesbian Factory is a paradise of love. As everything falls apart, we witness their incomparable courage, challenging oppressive national policy, pressing ahead for love, and venturing to the farthest reaches of the earth for their love…