A Vendor Boy's Wish

Documentary / 24’05” min / 2013 / Taiwan / SD / Color
2014, Finalist, Taiwan Award, 2014 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival, Taiwan
2014, Screening, Media Bar: 7-11 Non-Fiction, PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, Germany
2014, Official Selection, Busan International Kids' Film Festival, South Korea

11-year-old A-Xian is taken care of by his 71-year-old grandmother. His Vietnamese mother divorced his father and returned to Vietnam when he was four month old, and his father died in a car accident six years ago. 

Throughout A-Xian’s childhood, his families were often too busy to spend time with him. A year ago A-Xian came up with an idea that could keep him occupied. He decided to operate a street stand. Not only has he found something to do after school, he can also keep the money he earns as pocket money.

But A-Xian also has to endure other children’s teasing. Most of the times he manages to keep the anger inside, but he also loses control sometimes. A-Xian looks cheerful and independent, but deep down he fears three things: not being taken care of, having no money and being alone.

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