Drama / 26’27” / 2013 / Taiwan / HD / Color
2013, Finalist, 16th Kyoto International Student Film & Video Festival (KISFVF), Japan
2014, Official Selection, Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF 2014), USA
2014, Official Selection, Eugene International Film Festival, USA

Dai-De is a young a mortician who runs a small funeral home. To help his elderly father realize his dream of purchasing their own house, Dai-De began stealing three gold teeth as a “service fee” from each of his “customers,” that is, the corpses he serves, even though he is always terrified of the bad karma he believes could follow. 

One day, as fate would have it, he is presented with the body of Yeh Xin-ho, a wealthy and famous property developer whose mouth is lined with glittering gold teeth. As temptation turns to greed, Dai-De decides to steal all of Yeh’s teeth, but what he doesn’t realize is that Yeh has a doppelganger, a lazy twin who intends to sneak into the funeral home and treat his dead brother’s valuables as his own…

Yeh’s gold teeth can change the two men’s life. It can help Dai-de to accomplish his father’s lifelong dream; it can also change the life of Yeh’s twin, helping him to become somebody like his older brother, and fulfill his low self-esteem.

Craving for the fortune, Dai-de and Yeh’s twin ignore the bad behavior of stealing. Eventually, who will get the gold teeth and make a change of his life? Or, whose teeth are to be pulled out at the end? If karma really exits, what are people going to pay after taking ill-gotten wealth?

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