Unveil the Truth II – State Apparatus

Documentary︱84 mins︱2013︱Taiwan︱HD︱NTSC︱Color︱English Subtitle
2013, Finalist, Best Directing for Non-Drama Program, the 48th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan
2014, Official Selection, Investigative Session, INPUT, Helsinki, Finland
2014, Best Documentary, Taipei Film Awards, 16th Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan
2014, Finalist, Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival, Taiwan

In July 2011, after six years of investigation, documentary Unveil the Truth I - Government Virus disclosed Taiwanese government covering up the truth behind the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N2. After the film was released, the authorities were still in denial and claimed to the public that legal actions were ready to be taken against director Kevin H.J. Lee. Such response urged Lee to continue his investigation, which later became the sequel, Unveil the Truth II – State Apparatus. In the process, Lee switched from an onlooker to a participant who was actively involved. Measures against the authorities were taken including mailing dead chickens to the officials and pressed charges against them. On March 3rd 2013, under enormous pressure, the officials were finally forced to admit the endemic outbreak of HPAI.

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