A Town Called Success

Documentary | 75 min | 2013 |Taiwan| HD/SD |
2014, Finalist, Best Director of TV Documentary and TV Documentary: Nature & Environment, Asia Rainbow TV Awards , China
2014, Finalist, BLUE Ocean Film Festival, USA.
2014, Winner, Televised Documentary & Performance - People, Places & Arts, CINE CINE Golden Eagle Awards, USA.
2014, Bronze World Medal, Environment & Ecology, New York Festivals- International TV & Film Awards, USA

A Town Called Success follows the lives of a group of harpoon fishermen from Chenggong(literally known as “Success”), Taiwan. In their late 50’s and 60’s, these men battle giant Marlin in high seas and storms with a 20-kilo spear and their ability to spot a fin in the dark waters. No sonar, no industrial equipment – just the skill of a hunter. The crew’s captain Chen Yong Fu is a local legend – but in a dying trade. 
The crew is joined by a local scientist who is fighting to protect the majestic Marlin and Swordfish that thrive in Taiwan’s waters, together fishermen and scientist have created a unique Taiwanese story. 

This film is a visual celebration of Taiwan’s coastal identity, it tells the story of Taiwan as a fishing nation – of social change, economic growth, of industrial fishing fleets and unsustainable demands for fish.

With growing pressure on fisheries worldwide, this film tells of how locals are adapting and fighting to preserve their cultures and the oceans around Taiwan. It is a tale of the last spear fishermen of Chenggong. 

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