Seeds from the Heart


A-Zhang, an eighteen-year-old Hakka young man growing up in Hsinchu in northern Taiwan, decided to give up study and became a farmer in his hometown, Changhua, after he graduated from the vocational high school. However, for him, farming was only a way to earn money, a process to pursue the material enjoyment. As he went on the trip to Japan, he was shocked by many unexpected experiences.

In Japan, they have cutting-edge agricultural technology; yet at the same time, Japanese farmers also emphasize the attitude toward the agriculture industry and the preservation of natural environment. A-Zhang went to the hometown of tea, Shizuoka, where he saw the multifunctional tea-picking machines and visited the fully automated dust-free tea factory. Moreover, he also got to know the owner of the tea farm and learn a about his attitude towards tea.

Later, he visited a farm at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The villagers there come from different regions in Japan; they live together in pursuit of an ideal life at peace with the environment. They insist not using any chemical fertilizer or pesticide to yield various delicious crops.

“When it comes to farming, the most important thing is your heart,” said a grandma in the village.

These words had made an impact on A-Zhang. After the trip to Japan, would he have a new understanding of agriculture industry? Would the trip make him more intimate and connected with the land? Would he get to understand more about himself?

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