Almost Heaven

Fiction︱80 mins︱2014︱Taiwan︱HD︱Color︱English Subtitles
2014, Yin Shin - Best Leading Actress, Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan
2014, Finalist, Best Television Mini-series/TV movie, Best Leading Actor in a Mini-series/TV movie, Best Film Editing, Best Art Design, Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan
2014, Finalist, Feature Films, Taipei Film Awards, 16th Taipei Film Festival, Taiwan 

Cab driver Jung Rong’s wife May left him ten years ago after giving birth to their son David. He has ever since lost contact with her. Rong does not move and tries to keep everything the way it is, hoping that May will eventually come home.

Just like a miracle, on a regular Sunday when Rong and his son came back from church, he saw May cooking in the kitchen as soon as he entered the house. He was in shock but May pretended that nothing has ever happened and just asked Rong and the child to get prepared for dinner.

Rong accepted May as the way she is. May takes over Rong’s responsibility of taking David to school and helping him with his homework. Every day when Rong comes back from a long day of driving, he always has dinner ready for him. This unexpected happiness seems like God’s mercy on Rong paying him back for what he has suffered in the past ten years.

An incident reveals the reason of his wife’s return. Will she bring happiness or cruel reality to this home? What is the meaning of home? What is happiness? What is life’ s redemption?

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