What Time Will You Be at Home?

Fiction︱79’50”︱2014︱Taiwan︱HD︱NTSC︱Color︱English Subtitles
2014, Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role, Asian Television Awards, Singapore

As the stereotypical overprotective mom, although Hsiu-hui’s three children are already grown up, she continues to worry about every little detail of their lives; from marriage and clothes, to the way they laugh or eat their food, nothing escapes Hsiu-hui’s scrutiny. Her overbearing attitude has left the children apprehensive about even answering their mother’s calls.
On the edge of despair from this obsessional concern, when Hsiu-hui becomes acquainted with a new friend, her three children finally get a much-needed breathing space. However, as their mother’s whereabouts get ever more difficult to pin down, the children get panicky, and like so many parents worrying over who their teenage daughter is dating, the kids begin to "investigate" their mother’s mysterious date…

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