Penguins at North Pole

Fiction︱29’30”︱2014︱Taiwan︱HD︱Color︱English Subtitles
2015, Official Selection, Seoul International Women’s Film Festival – Queer Rainbow Section, South Korea
2014, Official Selection, Eugene International Film Festival, Oregon, USA
2014, Selection, Narrative Short, Reeling 32: The Chicago LGBT International Film Festival, USA
2014, invited, Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, USA

The biggest wish of Helen’s mom is to see her only daughter getting happily married with a perfect man. She suspects that Helen is seeing someone, but Helen never wants to say a thing. Helen’s mom has no choice but to hack into Helen’s Facebook to see what her daughter is doing. To her biggest surprise, she finds out that Helen is dating... a woman!?

Following this unexpected discovery, Helen’s mom decides to pretend to be open-minded about her daughter’s relationship. She plans to earn Helen’s trust first, and then try to change her daughter’s mind step by step. However, she soon realizes that her plan is not working out as she hoped... 

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