Lost and Found

Fiction│79’25” │2014│Taiwan│HD│NTSC│Color│English Subtitles
2014, Finalist, Best Mini-series/TV films & Best Leading Actress/Best Supporting
Actress in Mini-Series/TV Films & Best Director/Screenplay for Mini-Series/TV
Films, Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan
2014, Nomination for Best Single Drama or Telemovie Programme, Best Acresses in
a supporting Role & Best Original Screenplay, Asian Television Awards, Singapore 

Failing to succeed in life and suffering from breast cancer, now middle aged, Guang-yu is forced to rely on her elder sister’s help. Despite their mutual deep-seated resentment, the sisters find warmth in each other’s company, and slowly walk out from the shadows of their past, learning to accept life. A story of overcoming the vicissitudes of life, when brought face to face with layers of painful events from the past, do we choose to trap ourselves in a place with no way forward, or soar freely into the boundless sky?

Guang-yu and her elder sister

As death looms large and we face the disease process, can we find it within ourselves to go beyond the frantic struggle of fighting an illness and rise above the inevitable wave of fear, while still finding space in our heart for love and warmth? 

This is also a story of healing. When our shattered body and mind can no longer recover, can we muster the courage to face life’s scars and allow ourselves to be reborn?

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