From Hear to There

For most people, road trips are all about “seeing the sights”. But what if you can’t see the breathtaking views whizzing past your car window? 

About the Program

This one-of-a-kind program from Taiwan Public Television Service, follows the adventures of two travel companions: American Andrew Ryan, and visually impaired Taiwanese co-host Lin Hsin-ting. In each episode, they set out in a nostalgic 1970s roadster, traveling around Taiwan in search of sounds and the stories behind them.

Each journey offers a unique perspective on Taiwan, a closer look at the people who call this land home, and a deeper journey into the very way in which we experience the world around us.

Season 1- Episode 1 English Version is available here:

Season 1- Episode 6 English Version is available here: 

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About Public Television Service Foundation

Founded in 1998, Public Television Service (PTS) is the leading public service broadcaster in Taiwan. Operated as an independent public organization, PTS aims to provide value-added quality programming services covering a wide range of categories to present the diversity and creativity in Taiwan without the intervention of commercial and political power.
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