Mr. K’s New House

Animation / 03’34” / 2014 / Taiwan / HD / NTSC / Color / English Subtitles


Those of us living in bustling cities all occasionally long for a bit of peace and quiet. In this story, Mr. K escapes the city to find his ideal new home among the drifting flower petals of the tranquil hills. His generosity allows him to make many new friends, who in return help him find his true inner peace. Drawn in a color pencil-style, this is a film filled with an indescribable innocence and an abundance of fun characters.

Director's Word
This is a film I hope can help children appreciate the importance of sharing. Mr. K decided to move into the tranquil hills to escape the noise, but when his animal friends kept coming to him with their problems he generously chose to share his new house with them so that they too can have a happy home. Drawn in the style of a picture book and with a humorous storyline, this is a film that will make you unwittingly wander into a joyous world of peaceful co-existence.
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