Toxic Bees- Nature's Mayday

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2014, Finalist, Medical Sciences Category, 2014 Jackson Hole Science Media Awards, USA

2014, Finalist, International Competition, Life Science Film Festival, Czech Republic

International co-production Toxic Bees— Nature’s Mayday is a science documentary that originates from the scientific investigation of the mass death of bees (CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder) in recent years. The film tracks and analyzes Taiwan’s world-leading research on bees; by examining the latest research of scholars around the world, Toxic Bees explores the serious impacts of pesticides on both our environment and human health, which includes ADHD. 


Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has been in our consciousness for quite some time. Initially, it garnered strong attention around the globe, but our interest faded away over time—despite the fact bees were dying by the millions every day, our life seemed to continue as normal. We’ve been lulled into an illusion it’s an isolated phenomenon occuring in the world of nature which has little to do with our survival or existence.

"But we couldn’t be more mistaken. Despite huge material improvements in our lives, people today are getting sicker and sicker, and at a younger age. Incidences of cancer, brain and reproductive dysfunction as well as other diseases are on an explosive climb. And the bees are giving us an urgent warning." Said the Director Al Go.

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