Hello! Mr. Mayor

Children’s | Live Action︱24’35”︱2014︱HD︱Color︱English Subtitles

What is the purpose of a civics class? 
Can it turn us into better citizens? 

Taipei’s elementary school kids aren’t too pleased with city’s new milk campaign. Designed to tackle calcium deficiency with fresh deliveries once a week, the trial has been disrupting classes and eating into the children’s free time. Under the encouragement of their substitute teacher, a group of elite elementary students launched an investigation into the reasons underlying the government initiative, undertaking research and contacting their local councilors in an effort to understand how this public policy came into being. In the end, they would even take their queries directly to the mayor of Taipei to personally submit their recommendations. Will thesestraight-A students have what it takes to effect real change through their courageous little civics project?

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