Life Story

Drama is a type of literature where the method of presentation extends beyond written words; the inclusion of emotions, action, and images further add to its distinctiveness. Unlike commercial TV series that indulges audiences, Life Story uses TV movie techniques in filming, stringent production processes, and exquisite quality to accentuate drama. For this reason, the Life Story series has become a forum for many filmmakers in Taiwan to show off their talent and creativity.

In the TV series, the storylines are adopted from literary works, where events unfold to portray different aspects of life. In addition to using original works, PTS also adopted various themes from literary works to depict the close relationship between family members, friends, and lovers.

The stories are set from the 1950s with nostalgic Taiwanese themes to the 1990s focusing on current social issues, which is a must-see for fans of single-episode TV drama. Other themes recently added include children, teen-agers, women, the elderly, the indigenous people, new immigrants, and the underprivileged. Because of the Life Story series, PTS has become a perennial winner in the annual Golden Bell Awards.

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About Public Television Service Foundation

Founded in 1998, Public Television Service (PTS) is the leading public service broadcaster in Taiwan. Operated as an independent public organization, PTS aims to provide value-added quality programming services covering a wide range of categories to present the diversity and creativity in Taiwan without the intervention of commercial and political power.
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