Gin's Lesson in Discrimination

Gin’s Lesson in Discrimination
Children’s | Live Action25’48”2015TaiwanHDColorEnglish Subtitles
Rockie Award, Children and Youth Nonfiction 2016 BANFF World Media Festival, Canada
Official Selection, 2016 International Public Television Screening Conference, Calgary, Canada 

(Short Version)
We divide the kids into two groups by the unchangeable hereditary characteristic of their earlobes, and deliberately treat one of them with discrimination. Hopefully, with this experience, they’ll know what it’s like to be discriminated and bullied.

(Long Version)
The one-day teacher of this episode is Gin Oy, a writer and model. When she was younger, she was discriminated and bullied because she was a plump girl with tattoos, which caused her to suffer from major depression in her adolescence. So she intends to let the kids know what discrimination can do to hurt someone’s feelings.
She divides the students into two groups, according to the unchangeable hereditary characteristic of their earlobes. With a made-up experiment, she convinces the kids that those with free earlobes has better self-control while those with attached earlobes have to stay inside the classroom during the breaks to study harder. Being tagged as someone born to be worse than the others, what will the kids react to this discrimination?

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