Taiwan Public Broadcasters Launching UHDTV Over-the-Air

For the forthcoming 29th Summer Universiade to be held on the 19th of August, Taiwan Public Television Service (PTS) has started the first operation of UHDTV broadcast by the terrestrial TV channel within local, regional landscape of media industry.
Spanning from July to August, PTS is scheduled to run an experimental broadcast UHDTV by the following parameters:
For interfering no one during air-time, PTS is operating the UHDTV channel broadcast through 00:00 to 02:00 at midnight and put two HD channels off-air.
This ongoing project is funded by Ministry of Culture for a motive leading local industry into training and innovation. The digital head end equipment ViBE 4K UHD encoders is offered by Harmonic. The rest of work flow is in place maintained well by public broadcasters since DSO finished in 2012.
The timetable of UHDTV experimental broadcasting is divided by three-term as follows:
The goals of this experimental broadcasting is reached interactively by production professional in PTS, manufacturers and registered users including:
  • An assessment on specification of 4K UHDTV transmission and auxiliary test.
  • Interoperability test from head end system to receiving device.
  • Display the resolution of 4K UHDTV gone through the compressed/de-compressed process by HEVC.
  • A survey on the registered users for adopting 4K UHDTV and its consumption.
  • The preliminary know-how for launching 4K UHDTV broadcast in Taiwan.
The registered users is collected before the end of July at 200 households. This very number of sample must be evenly distributed within different regions of Taiwan market and equipped by suitable several manufacturers of TV set. The users must comply with the instruction of project by watching 4K televised Universiade and participating survey later on.
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About Public Television Service Foundation

Founded in 1998, Public Television Service (PTS) is the leading public service broadcaster in Taiwan. Operated as an independent public organization, PTS aims to provide value-added quality programming services covering a wide range of categories to present the diversity and creativity in Taiwan without the intervention of commercial and political power.
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