The Night of Salvation

The Night of Salvation
2018 | Crime | 19 min | Taiwan | DCP | NTSC | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by Kai-Yu CHANG , Yuan-Ciao LI
2018 Taipei Film Festival FORWARD TAIWAN : Short Film Selection
2019 INPUT (International Public Television Conference) Selection Fiction
2019 New York Shorts International Film Festival Selection Shorts
2019 Asian Film Festival of Dallas Selection
Emergency Medical Technician Kou drove and hit a woman on his way home. After confirming she was not in immediate danger, he hit and run, pretended nothing happened, and came back to the emergency center he worked. He fooled his team by reporting a call was received and a woman was hit by the local. After the team arrived and gave every treatment they could to save her. She was still in coma, and the hospital decided to stop resuscitate in 30 minutes.
Kuo was running against time to mend his mistake. Biggest struggle comes, when he realized that the only person who cares to save the woman, is the culprit himself.

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