Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Where the Sun Don’t Shine
2018 | Dramatic Feature| 90 min | Taiwan | DCP | NTSC | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by SU, I-Hsuan
53th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor Award
2019 INPUT (International Public Television Conference) Selection Fiction

Dong has been released from jail. He killed someone imprudently years ago. When he locked up at jail, he had a little daughter, who was just 3 years old and a young wife, Lan. However, after 12 years in jail, everything has changed. Lan chose to be a betel nut beauty, and secretly had an affair with Bung. On the other hand, Dong’s daughter Ting, has grown into a difficult teenager. Due to Dong’s criminal history, Ting was bullied at school. In order to protect herself, Ting never mentions about her father. 
Dong tries to get his normal life back, but he cannot find a regular job to support his life and family. Now, He isn’t sure whether being released from prison is a rebirth or entering another jail? 

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