PTS Brings Monster Fruit School To 2021 Online Prix Jeunesse Conference

On June 15th, PTS attended the 2021 online Prix Jeunesse conference, the topic being “No Lockdown on Creativity:Updates from PRIX JEUNESSE 2020 Winners”, and showcased Monster Fruit School, a new animated spin off series of PTS’ beloved Fruity Pie show.

PTS attended the Pre-school Block of the conference, which was divided into 4 sessions, with one session lasting about 20 minutes, including 10 minutes of program introduction, 5 minutes of promo sharing, and finally 5 minutes of Q&A time for audience members to ask questions. After the meeting, presenters moved from the conference platform Jitsi to the video chat platform for a 35-minute break-and-meet time.

PTS presented Monster Fruit School from two aspects, cultural and promotional. The cultural level introduction included introducing the monsters in the show, who were are based on myths of the aboriginal people in Taiwan, while the "monster fruits" in the show were all native fruits of Taiwan, allowing children at home and abroad to learn more about Taiwanese culture. The promotional level introduced the various PR events and products that combined technology and gaming, such as the Science and Technology Education Exhibition in cooperation with Tainan Art Museum, an AR camera app, the "Monster Fruit Go Go Mobile Game", a Nintendo Switch video game, etc. 

After listening to PTS’ presentation, other conference speakers expressed admiration of the innovation and diversity of the promotional events, and also gave affirmation for the spirit of local globalization in Monster Fruit School.

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