I'm Here

 I'm Here

2021 | Documentary | 83 min | Taiwan  | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by Yao Tung Wu


About the memories you've been telling me now and then, I've already forgotten about them. When the memories got retrieved from afar, is our existence real?
In Jixing's room, he said an actor's life is a kind of practice. Lying on the black plastic floor of the theatre, he couldn't say goodbye to the 23-year-old self. At the Japanese restaurant, Wang Mo-lin was telling me that death is wandering right in front of him. On stage, the ghosts wandering between the gate of life and death are not themselves anymore.
If what I've been searching for is not the empty theatre in the lights, but those who refused to leave, and have been carrying on with their lonesome lives in the dark after the lights vanished?
In the 1980s, before the lifting of martial law, the small theatre movement took place in Taiwan. The two main characters in the film participated in this non-mainstream, anti-government, and rather a radical movement, and thus memories have stayed deeply in their hearts. They witnessed the historic moment of the end of a long, nearly 40-year martial law. They stood there, out of the loneliness inside them, constantly fought with themselves, with the social system and the rebellion movement.
They are just like phantoms drifting in this world, and I try to portray these two magic realism-like drifters.

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