Living with the Ocean

 Living with the Ocean

2021 | Children's program 8 Episodes | 30 min | Taiwan | Color | English Subtitles

Directed by Joan Sung

The program serves as a letter to nature and a message in a bottle for our future generations. We’ve recorded eight dying traditional fishing methods to show our young audience the beautiful marine culture and coastline, the spirit of our fishermen, and what our fishing villages look like.
One of our hosts is Jiang Hong-Jie, a ping-pong player who loves nature and the primitive lifestyle but rarely gets a chance to travel in Taiwan. The other is Zhou Zi-yuan, a city boy who loves fish and cares a lot about our sea. In this episode, they went together to a fishing village on Green Island. They visited Mr. Tian and his son and experienced the traditional method of bonito pole fishing with other experienced fishermen. Could they learn all the steps of the eco-friendly and traditional fishing method in a short time?

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With VR Games ! 

Two kinds of transmedia presentation are used in the program: a 360 degrees virtual reality video and a virtual reality game.
The video enables the users to be placed in the environment of the program, such as the fishing village and the exciting fishing scene, and allows them to see every detail from every angle. For example, a sea cow is swimming with you or waves are surging towards you. Besides, there are subtitles, icons and special effects in the virtual space to serve as hints for the audience.In a virtual reality game, the users can get points with different fishing methods. In this way, the dying fishing methods can be preserved to a certain extent and become friendly and interesting to us.  A door in the game is connected to a real wooden door with sensors. When you reach out your hand to push the wooden door open, you’ll enter the virtual reality space that we’ve created. We have promoted the game offline in two cities with the help of Science Education Center and Museum of Marine Biology, and over 15,000 people have experienced it personally.

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