Mess Up

  Mess Up

2021 | Documentary | 37 min | Taiwan  | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by D.Z. Wang

San breaks up with her first love when they both get the chance to take one step closer to realize their dreams. However, before she knows it, she takes one step back. At that instant, she has doubts as to her relationship, feelings, creation, and footsteps. All things are mixed up. Jerry said that once. Jerry tries to grab what he thinks is real from vacancy while San, who creates with her life experiences, falls into chaos without finding a clue.
San and Jerry used to be the best friends next to their family. They’ve established a fashion brand called “Plateau”, the Plateau Studio. It feels as if they’re planning to climb an unknown mountain together but they have different opinions on the climbing route. Jerry fell once, and he knows that if he falls again, he’ll lose 1.5 million NTDs. San is afraid that she is moving towards a dangerous situation beyond her expectations. They stop at the crossroads. As far as their relationship, feelings, creation, ideals, and reality are concerned, they’re both tired. If they had a pair of strong arms, they might not have to work so hard. But facing the plateau rising from a basin, their arms are so thin that they can’t do anything but grasp the load which they’re able to bear and keep climbing.

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