No KIDding


 No KIDding

2019 | Children's series 12 Episodes | 13 min | Taiwan | Color | English Subtitles

Directed by Chiang Chih-Chen, Hsieh Chia-Ling

EP1: Twelve-year-old Wu Yu-Yan suffers from achondroplasia and is only 101 cm in height. But this doesn’t discourage her. She has no time for self-pity and loves to dance and show her body with confidence. She wants to prove that she’s not different from anyone else other than her height and to encourage other children with rare diseases to pursue their dreams.
For a long time, Yu-Yan felt uncomfortable with those judging eyes and she was teased by other kids. But she knows sooner or later that she has to overcome her fear. As brave as she is, Yu-Yan will face the world of judging eyes with smiles. Can she do it?

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