Tears on Fire

Tears on Fire
2021 | Mini Series 10 Episodes | 49 min | Taiwan  | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by Yin Chuan Tsai


The story depicts the work and life of four firefighters. It shows how they face various difficult challenges and strive to save lives under the problematic system of the firefighter department In Taiwan.

The four firefighters take risks to save lives together in various tasks, and they also have to face their own life issues.

Chih-Yuan CHANG always fights to rescue the people in need, but after several failed missions, is faced with his own internal trauma. 

Tzu-Ling HSU, the only female firefighter in the department, not only has to face sexist discrimination but also her hysterical mother. 

Yi-Yang LIN has an upright personality, which often gets him in a hot situation with civilians and politicians. But it is also his simplicity and frankness that can maintain the solid friendship of the team.

Han-Cheng CHIU loves his family and his job as well, but he often faces a dilemma between his family and work. 

However, a sudden fierce fire blew the horn of death and drastically changed the four's fate.

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