The Cleaner

 The Cleaner

2020 | Feature | 84 min | Taiwan  | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by Ta Pu Chen

Our main character, Yan-Ting, is a death-scene cleaner. Yan-Ting, ex-convict Ah-Chun, and En-Ya, who was born with a silver spoon and wishes to experience life, team up in all kinds of death scenes to not only help the dead and their families to scrub the places but also clear the uneasiness and the grudges between the dead and their families and friends. Even though Yan-Ting clears other people’s regrets, there’s an unmendable rift between him and his father and brother. How does Yan-Ting face his unsolved issues? Does he have a chance to make up and repair his relationship with his family?
In everyone’s heart, one may have people and things that one can’t let go of and forgive. At the end of one’s life, how do we face regrets?

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New York Festival- TV & Film Awards Nominated
BANFF World Media Festival-Rockie Awards Nominated

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