The Rookie Chief in Duke Hill

The Rookie Chief in Duke Hill

2021 | Documentary | 34 min | Taiwan  | Color | English Subtitles
Directed by Yen Hao Chen


When a rebellious young man full of progressive political ideals wins the election and becomes a village chief, in face of the conservative political status quo, will he change this trend or be changed?

In nine-in-one elections in November 2018, the conservative force led by KMT wins by a landslide, but in Duke Hill, a young man from Sunflower Movement just becomes a village chief.

Like many of his generation, Guo Shu-cheng’s enthusiasm for politics is ignited after the movement; through protests and from the experience of the Students' Union, he gradually paves his way to the political arena. However, other than repairing street lamps and disposing of garbage, a village chief’s main job is to serve the residents for all kinds of issues, big and small.

Should they cook the glutinous rice balls for the Lantern Festival on the spot? Should they give away lanterns? How many rice dumplings should they order for Dragon Boat Festival? What if people can’t finish them? Occupied with these trivial matters, it is difficult for Guo to think about the big picture of the state.

The life of this 25-year-old young man is full of conflicts and unknowns. Will Guo Shu-cheng compromise due to the pressure of reality? Or will he stick to his ideals and change the world?

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