Three Piglets


Three Piglets

2019 | Lifestyle 2 Seasons 16 Episodes | 48-58 min | Taiwan | Color | English Subtitles


The three piglets are famed actress Yang Kuei-mei, heartthrob Derek Chang, as well as Golden-Bell Award-winning chef SOAC, who set off on an adventure to Yilan to run a local Bed and Breakfast.
Through a multiple-camera setup, the show examines their life running the premises as well as their authentic interactions with real guests. Through interviews, viewers are also invited to gain insights into the sometimes contrasting values of three different generations. Shot in 4K, the crisp and detailed images are a visual delight, especially when the cameras pan over the majestic Lanyang Plain and gorgeous countryside of Yilan, not to mention the happy smiles of the people living on this land.

In the first episode, the three arrive at the Bed and Breakfast and SOAC quickly got to work and was able to make some snack dishes for neighbors despite the lack of provisions. During their visit to the neighborhood, Yang kuei-mei, a well-known actress, was frequently recognized by the locals, and the three were given lots of local produce as gifts. Furthermore, the Three Piglets attempt farm work for the first time, from tilling the soil to planting seeds, nothing fazes them as they work together to plant their own little vegetable garden. They are so moved by the experience of completing this task that they had an immediate sense of “belonging”, and felt “right at home” here, with a lot of gratitude and appreciation for the hard work of farmers. The three then wrote down their thoughts and heartfelt wishes after their experience for the day, put it in a time capsule, and buried it in the ground.

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