What on Earth Is Law?

What on Earth Is Law?

2021 | Web series | Animation | 8 Episodes 11 min | Taiwan | Color | English Subtitles

Directed by Yen Ju Lai

Through animations, we’ve adapted some well-known cases in Taiwan that many people online don’t understand, trying to infuse the law and legal logic into young people’s mind and help them to speculate.
In the episode, the police officer, Lin Zhi-cheng, got a call saying someone tried to wreck and steal a car in the suburbs. However, when he arrived at the scene, the drunk perpetrator began to throw stones at him and some passers-by and even attempted to run away in the patrol car. In utter chaos and without support, Lin Zhi-cheng chose to fire his gun but shot the perpetrator dead accidentally. Do you think that he is guilty?

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